About us

Buying direct of the grower till delivering the flowers in the shop the whole chain is done by Rudi & Stefan these two guys are driven by passion and every week they have contact with the growers for that special order you need. 

They buy direct at the flower auctions in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk to get you the best deals. Then they load their truck as a sweet shop so you can't resist all the lovely flowers before they drive the truck over to England where they visit the flowershops weekly with a smile on their face. 

Yes they do have a webshop as extra service, but nothing beats a nice truck on your doorstep where you can see and feel what you buy. They call it #HAPPYSELLING 





It was 1985 when Koot Flowers was setup  by Mr. Piet Koot and his wife José. After some time driving to deliver flowers, plus having his own stands in the weekends Piet decided that he wanted a bigger challenge: his own bussines.
Piet would take up the wholesales side and José would be responsible for bookkeeping.

They started with a little Mercedes van with sliding doors. Piet travelled to the UK to visit florists who could buy directly from the van, he was better known as ”The Flying Dutchman”.

After a year the little van became a bit too small, so it was time for a bigger version and two years later a bigger one still was needed but now Piet and José decided that it was time for something wich would last a bit longer so they bought a custom made lorry and they created a corporate image so Koot Flowers would be recognized. The company identity was changed again in 1997 and in 1999 son Ruud joined the company. After 12 years of working for his parents they have made the decission that the time has come for Ruud to take over the business and from the beginning of 2012 Ruud is aiming to reach 50 years of trading for Koot Flowers.

Nowa days Koot Flowers is running two flower rounds in the UK with modern custom build refrigerated trucks.